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AFP specializes in the design and manufacturing of complex chromatography measurement valves for the instrumentation, laboratory, scientific and industrial markets.

Shop gas chromatography valves and spare parts direct from the manufacturer. Fast and affordable shipping.



Gas Chromatographic diaphragm valve

Our Gas Chromatographic diaphragm valve with the only embedded patented purge system is our most popular products. Fully loaded with innovative feature this is the number one choice of the leading Gas Chromatograph makers.


Mini Rotary Valve

Are commonly used in many system to switch flow path or for sample injection. Drop in replacement for what’s available on the market but with several advantages that makes it leak tigh and long lasting.



The first real analytical tight shut-off diaphragm valve family. They can be used in multiple places in gas chromatographic systems, auto-samplers, sampling and general instrumentation. No dead volume effects, continuous flowpath and purge system make them ideal in many situations. From simple 3-way to complex configuration with timing sequence.




AFP will be stocking handytube’s ultra-small diameter (usd™) capillary tubing. That is precisely engineered for chromatography, flow measurement and sensing. Applications. they can withstand over 36,000 psi (2500 bar). Our careful design and tight manufacturing specifications create smoother, cleaner capillary tubing with consistently uniform id characteristics.


All valves and fittings are manufactured in North America under strict conditions. Most of them are done inside our sister company APN where they are assembled and tested under the control of our ERP system, the Meta4.0, which gives us the possibility to custom tune every valve to the perfectly fit of the customer application.

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