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Gas Chromatography
Diaphragm Valves Family

DV Series

THE BEST VALVE SOLUTION for stream selection due to continuous swept flow path, independent port control and the longest lifetime thanks to no wearing diaphragm technology.
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  • Purge feature to prevent inboard/outboard contamination, fugitive emissions and permeation through the diaphragm
  • 100% leak tested
  • Elimination of dead volume eff ects
  • Continuously swept flow path
  • Tight positive port shut-off design
  • Working pressures from vacuum to 1000 psig (or more)
  • Usable with liquid or gas media
  • Low pressure drop
  • Independently controlled ports
This is the first real analytical tight shut-off diaphragm valve. It has multiple uses in gas chromatographic systems, autosamplers, sampling and general instrumentation. No dead volume effects, continuous flow path and purge systems make it ideal in many situations. From simple three-way to complex configurations with timing sequences, the job is easily done. Wide choice of configurations, from simple pneumatic actuator to fully loaded microprocessor-controlled electrical actuator. DV-series valves are available with welded tubes, VCR or analytical fittings. They can be made in a large selection of materials and configured for different operating conditions.