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Gas Chromatography Tubing

Pre-Cut & Coiltube

With the help of our TOP CLIENTS by choosing our TOP QUALITY TUBING AFP is able to offer the quality and cleanliness that you need to create world class systems for never before seen affordable and competitive price.
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Pre-cut tubing

AFP has released its own line of pre-cut tubing for gas chromatography. These tubes are made from the highest-quality alloys such as SS-316L, Hastelloy C-22 and Monel 400 to ensure maximum performance and corrosion resistance.

Why use pre-cut tubing? To save time upon assembly since it is always perfectly cut square, without burrs or contamination, and already passivated.

Internal coating options include SilcoNert 2000 or Dursan for optimum inertness and corrosion resistance.

We off er a wide range of ID, OD and straight lengths.


We are also able to provide you the same quality seamless tube in coil. If you require any special length cut, just let us know and we will make you a quote.